Mindsight Ripple Kinetic Wall Art: Tranquil Décor for Home & Office

Mindsight Moving Kinetic Wall Art: Calm Your Mind And Add Peaceful Décor To Your Home Or Office (No Battery/Cords)


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34 x 34 x 7", expect some noise since mechanically powered (no batteries / cord needed), made from stained Acacia plywood that passes all US emissions safety testing. Fast growing Acacia is known for its beauty, durability & sustainability. To maintain, keep indoors away from direct sunlight and heat sources

Details & Specifications

Dimensions: 34 x 34 x 7"
Material: Acacia plywood

Unwind From:

Did you know...

Pausing is not simply a lack of activity; it's a conscious decision to withdraw from life's relentless pressures to foster inner peace and mindfulness. This purposeful interlude enables us to connect with the here and now, rejuvenate our spirit, and reflect on our thoughts, feelings, and life events

What is the Mindsight Wall Art?

Our Ripple Kinetic Wall Art transforms any room into a sanctuary of serenity. This elegant, cordless piece harnesses the beauty of motion to instill peace and tranquility. Perfect for adding a touch of mindful elegance to your living or work space, it invites moments of contemplation and calm with its gentle, undulating patterns. Ideal for those seeking to enhance ambiance and reduce stress, Ripple offers a visually soothing experience that promotes prolonged focus and a clear mind, all with just a gentle nudge—no batteries required.


Power up our Ripple Kinetic Wall Art with a simple hand-turn, no batteries needed. Witness a mesmerizing rotation that can soothe your space for up to 12 hours, offering 15 minutes of harmony with each wind.


Perfectly suited for personal or professional settings, the mandala-inspired art serves as a calm beacon and meditation aid. It’s more than just decor; it's a mindfulness prompt for both home and office spaces.


Cultivating a peaceful environment has proven perks: sharpened focus, increased productivity, and a surge in creativity. This art is a reminder to reset and relax, fostering better mental health and improved sleep.


Assembling the Ripple is remarkably straightforward, taking a mere 30 to 45 minutes. All you need is a standard drill, hammer, wall anchors, and a Philips head screwdriver to effectively anchor your new piece of tranquility into place.

Ripple in Good Habits

Transform your daily routine with our Ripple Kinetic Wall Art, a seamless blend of aesthetics and mindfulness. This hand-wound, battery-free masterpiece encourages tranquility and focus, serving as a visual cue to cultivate good habits of calm. More than just art, it's a pathway to a serene environment.

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Spotlight Serenity

Establish a peaceful ambiance with our Wall Art as your elegant focus.

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Artful Attraction

Let our Wall Art guide your senses, enriching your space with creativity.

Simple Design

Seamlessly blend calm into life with our easy-to-use Wall Art.

Satisfying Swirls

Find joy in tranquility with each graceful turn of our Wall Art.

Moving our Kinetic Wall Art can decrease heart rate, fostering relaxation. It induces a meditative state, improving mood and concentration by 10-15%.

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Kinetic Wall Art FAQ

Is warping normal?

The "wings" of your product are made from 0.5" thick plywood using tropical species of wood. Based on the temperature and humidity of your home, minor warping may occur as it adjusts. This should not be very noticeable when viewing the pattern from the front but may be noticed from the side.

Minor warping will not effect the beauty or function of the product. If your product experiences warping that leads to pieces rubbing against each other, please contact us so we can provide you with a replacement.

Is this a fan?

No, this is not a fan, it is a designed to be a piece of art which creates a gentle reminder to take a break to pause & reset during your busy day.

Help, my Ripple stops operating after a short time running

Each "wind up" rotation powers 15 minutes of run time of the product -- make sure it has been wound up at least a few times before giving it a gentle clock-wise spin.

If this is not the issue, then there may be friction based on how the 2 layers were installed onto the wall mounted base. Try loosening the front cap and gently wiggling the 2 layers to ensure they are not pressed too tightly against the rubber stoppers. Or try applying a small amount of oil to the metal pole coming from the base. Do not attempt to pull on the wall mounted base gear!

If this does not resolve the issue, please contact us so we can help!

I'm having trouble assembling the product, how can I get help?

If you misplaced the assembly manual, you can access here it.

If you're having trouble with a step in the process, feel free to contact us and we can reply back or even schedule a quick video call with you.