Why We Invented the Mindsight Timed Lock Box
Why We Invented the Mindsight Timed Lock Box

Why We Invented the Mindsight Timed Lock Box

Why We Invented the Mindsight Timed Lock Box

In a world increasingly dominated by screens, finding balance can be a challenge. This was a reality that we came face-to-face with in our daily lives. Like many others, we found ourselves glued to our phones for hours on end, often at the expense of meaningful interactions with those around us, especially our children.

The Wake-Up Call

It was during a routine family dinner that the extent of our digital distraction became painfully clear. Phones at the table, messages constantly checked—the digital world was encroaching on our family time. What was even more alarming was seeing our behavior mirrored by our kids. As they grew, their screen time increased, reflecting the habits they saw in us. We realized that if we didn’t make a change, our children would likely continue down this path, potentially leading to the negative impacts we were beginning to understand more about, such as reduced attention spans, poorer interpersonal skills, and a disconnection from the physical world.

The Idea

Determined to make a change not just for ourselves but for families everywhere, we brainstormed solutions to help manage and reduce screen time effectively. Our goal was simple: reclaim the time that seemed to slip away so easily to screens. After many months of research and design concepts we finally got to the concept of the Mindsight Timed Lock Box for Phones — a physical solution for a digital problem.

Designing the Solution

The Timed Lock Box is not just a product; it's a commitment to better habits. Designed to securely store phones, the timed lock box helps users set specific times to disconnect from their devices and reconnect with the world around them. This could be during meals, bedtime, or family activities—key moments that we found were often interrupted by the buzzes and rings of a smartphone.

Our Mission

Our mission with the Mindsight Timed Lock Box was clear: to provide a tool that supports individuals and families in creating healthier digital habits. By physically removing the temptation, the lock box encourages users to engage more deeply in their immediate environment, fostering better relationships and promoting mental well-being.

The Impact

Since introducing the Mindsight Timed Lock Box, we've seen profound changes not only in our own lives but also in the lives of our customers. Parents having better conversations with their children, couples enjoying uninterrupted quality time, and individuals finding more time to improve their productivity and focus leading to better results at work. 

Don't just take our word for it — with over 500 5 star reviews on Amazon, the Mindsight Timed Lock Box is a physical solution for the digital world.

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